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By the summer of 1975 an ever increasing number of retirees were flowing into Polk County.  It occurred to Nell Deaver, one of the newcomers, that this seemed an ideal community for an adult swim club.  Encouraged by several friends she placed an ad in the Tryon Daily Bulletin for interested persons to attend a meeting.  The response was favorable.

Several months later a Board was formed, a pool builder was located, and the search for suitable land was launched.  After looking at 57 parcels, a lot near the west end of Warrior Drive (in Tryon Township) was located.  Nearby residents became alarmed.  A petition signed by 115 folks who objected to the idea was sent to the Town Manager.  Town Council announced a public meeting.  A small group of our members pled our cause.  Verdict: we would not be allowed to build anywhere in the jurisdiction of the Tryon Zoning Ordinance.   The search continued.

A small lot covered with tangled underbrush and weeds was found on the opposite (east) end of Warrior Drive.  Neighbors again objected and even threatened a law suit.  A trip to the courthouse to look at the ariel map revealed that the plot was 120 feet outside the Town jurisdiction.  The property was purchased on December 30, 1976 for $13,000.  Some months later a contract for $46,000 was signed to begin pool construction.

By this time a number of people had put up $1,000 each for membership.  One of the members put up collateral for a $34,000 loan. Ground was broken February 7, 1977. On April 13, 1977 the Tryon Swim Club opened its doors to members.  On April 15, 1977 an open house for members and guests was held at the Club.  Among the guests were several who had objected so vociferously to the establishment of the club. Membership was originally set at 80 and the figure was reached by August 1978.

The original loan was paid in full by January 1979.  A separate loan of $8,000 was undertaken to renovate the “little house”.  With labor largely furnished by a core of members, the club was able to pay off that loan one year later.  

Renovations and upgrades to the pool, natatorium, and dressing rooms have been made as needed,  and in March of 2015 the club bought a new HVAC system from Soresco with the ability to be monitored over the internet.  The unit and associated machine room cost $90,000.  This unit lowered the relative humidity from between 70-80% to a comfortable 50% and keeps our air temperature at 85 degrees.  

For over 40 years, the club has been in continuous operation.

Thanks to Nell Deaver, Founding Member, for the pool history.